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Simpson Labs understands the necessity for diverse packaging for the health, wellness and sports nutrition market. Stick Packets are one of the most consumer demanded packaging option for the powdered beverage market. We provide your brand the ability to diversify your product packaging options with our stick packet capabilities.  

These days customers want quick and efficient ways to consume their daily powdered beverages - this is why Stick Packets are the most popular single serving option.  Going the stick pack route is the most convenient way for being on the go since all you do is easily add it to any water bottle with our crafted pour spout seals so that there is no mess to clean up.  

Stick Packets provide the ultimate travel accessibility for customers because they fit perfectly into a lunch box, backpack, purse, pocket, briefcase, gym bag or wallet. Your brand can produce and package any powder beverage such has Proteins, Collagens, Electrolytes as well as Super Greens and so much more.

With the completion of your Stick Packet, we offer an array of different type of pack outs such as chipboard display boxes or stand up gusted pouches in any qty you require including multi flavored combo packs. However you visualize your pack out, we can make it happen!

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