Powder Mixers
2.4 Million Lbs. of Blended Powder Produced Monthly
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Powder Mixers

Powder Mixing is the essential first step in the Nutraceutical Manufacturing process.  In this stage our customer’s pre-qualified ingredients are combined to make a homogenous blend that will become the finished product that will be purchased by your customer. This process seems simple and straight forward, but in practice it is complicated and requires very specific machinery of diverse sizes.

Simpson Labs understands the critical importance of Powder Mixing and for that reason; provides a range of blenders that can accommodate anywhere from 100 Kilograms to 5 Metric tons. The four separate Powder Mixing Systems of 42cf, 115cf, 200cf and 215cf ensure that no project is too large. Simpson Labs averages 2.4 million pounds of diverse blended nutraceutical products per month. With the ability to expand production as needed Simpson Labs is ready to face the most demanding powder mixing challenges.

100 Kilograms to 5 Metric Tons
42cf, 115cf, 200cf, 215cf Powder Mixing Systems
2.4 Million Lbs. Produced per Month

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