Powder Container Filling Lines
1.6 Million Containers Monthly
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Powder Container Filling Lines

A majority of supplements in the Nutraceutical Industry space come in powdered deliverable forms; these can be packed into Bulk - Sacks, Drums, Jars, Gusted Pouches, Stick Packs, 3-Sided Packets and Buckets. We here at Simpson Labs understand the need for diversity in any given brand or product-line offering a variety of packaging forms and therefor, Simpson Labs has the ability to do them all.

Almost any manufacturer can fill powder, but Simpson Labs knows how to do it right. We have all seen the supplements at your local market with crooked labels and uneven shrink wrap that can sometimes even have powder residue.  This is the result of inferior powder filling lines you will never find at Simpson Labs.  Here at Simpson Labs we take pride in the finished product appearance.  Infrared warmers are used to give your shrink that crisp appearance you desire.  Wheel application labels are always perfect on a finished product and free of powder residue. 

Simpson Labs has three fully automated packaging powder filling lines for containers that can fill as small as 40 gram Jars and up to 25 lb. buckets. Rest-assured we can meet the needs of your growing brand with our lines that regularly fulfill quantities of up to 1.6 million containers per month. 

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