3-Sided Packets
1.6 Million 3-Sided Packet Units Produced per Month
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The Simpson Difference
3-Sided Packets Process

3-Sided Packets are ideal for your brands innovative approach to an alternative single serving product packaging. These packets are designed to be smaller in size ranging from 2.25" x 2.25" at 4g and up to 5" x 7" at up to 80g per single serving. 

This specific type of packet provides a customizable – smaller in size option for customers’ on-the-go experience with the ability to market in a way that maximizes the surface area for the principle display panel that contains the branding and claims. The ideal, detailed marketing you want is displayed in full on the packet giving the customer the needed information and claims in a single-serving form.
Simpson Labs understands quick timelines with capabilities of producing over 200 3-Sided Packets per minute. This smaller single serving form also allows the ability to sell your powder beverage in a forefront or counter display placement attracting attention to your product and brand. Our 3-Sided Packets are your complete single serving option with all the ideal benefits.

2.25" x 2.25" at 4g per Serving
5" x 7" at up to 80g per Serving
200 3-Sided Packets per Minute

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