2 Piece Hard Shell Capsule
3 Million Capsules Produced Daily
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2 Piece Hard Shell Capsule

The most common delivery system for nutraceutical ingredients is the two piece hard shell capsule. This form has come to dominate retail and online vitamin sales because customers enjoy its convenience. Unlike tablets, the 2 - piece hard-shell capsule does not cause digestive issues and can be easily consumed. Females especially are inclined to purchase this form of delivery system over others because of the ease of consumption.

The challenges of capsules production are numerous. With diverse ingredients and product composition a variety of machines and technical skills are necessary for production. Many manufacturers are limited in their capsule capabilities because of the large upfront capital necessary and the demand for numerous skilled employees.  

At Simpson Labs we produce over 3 million capsules daily and tackle some of the most challenging raw materials in our industry. We can offer three different styles of encapsulation machines to face diverse ingredient needs. Our skilled technicians identify problems and solutions in the prototype stage and can deliver samples of your finished product concept.

Our production teams are experts at producing capsules with high speed efficiency that results in a clean, polished product that meets all specifications. Great capsule brands know that quality comes with manufacturing experience and technical excellence. That is what Simpson Labs can offer.

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