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Simpson Labs is a contract manufacturer for the nutritional supplement industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a large variety of products within a short lead time at a competitive price.  At Simpson Labs, we understand that, to be a successful manufacturer, we must lead the industry with intimate knowledge about the products we produce and the markets they are sold in.

For that reason, we have one of the most experienced R&D teams in the nutraceutical industry to guide our customers through the product development process. If you are an experienced brand looking for the next great formulation, we have your answer. If you have a troublesome flavor issue or have a product that has been difficult to bring to market because of extended lead times, we can help you.

Eric simpson

timeline 2015-2020

The dream of Simpson Labs is born when a group of lifelong industry professionals team up to build a state of the art nutraceutical manufacturer facility.


Simpson Labs custom builds its manufacturing facility from the ground up for the sole purpose of having the most efficient high-speed automated production possible.

Simpson Labs manufacturing registration is accepted by the FDA and Simpson Labs officially opens for business.

Installs first Dual Ribbon Blender - 115cf giving Simpson Labs the capability to produce dry powder blends.

Simpson Labs installs our first custom made dual gravity powder filling line providing the capability to turn dry powder blends into consumer ready finished units - allowing a daily capacity of 21,000 filled tubs.


Simpson Labs saw an increase in demand for dry powder business and the necessity to ramp up for 2-piece capsule production.

Installed our first 2-piece Fully Automatic Encapsulation machine

Completed construction of Simpson Labs expansion-Phase II

Installed our state-of-the-art, high efficiency Capsule Bottling Filling Line.

Building rooms for Encapsulation Machines and Capsule Bottling Lines

Received our Processed Food Registration License


Due to overwhelming market demand, Simpson labs found it necessary to expand powder and capsule capacity to properly service its clients and industry.

Installed our second powder filling line for tubs bringing our daily total output to 45,000 filled tubs

Received our Good Manufacturing Practice Certification (GMP) from UL under NPA.

Installed bag sealing equipment for printed gusseted bag fills

Installed brand new 13’ heat tunnel line with Energy Efficient Infrared Heating Systems for full body shrink capabilities.

Installed our second Dual Ribbon Blender-215cf.

Installed our second Dual Installed our first state-of-the-art Pouch Master Machine giving clients the option for Three-Sided packet fills Blender-215cf.

Installed our first state-of-the-art Pouch Master Machine giving clients the option for Three-Sided packet fills


Simpson Labs begins acquiring other manufacturers with expertise in Research and Development. This acquisition added innovation to Simpson Labs product development and led to the creation of our innovation center located in Oceanside.

Installed four additional Two-Piece Capsule Filling Machines including fully-automatics for larger runs as well as semi-automatics for smaller runs.

Completed construction of Simpson Labs expansion-Phase III

Installed our third Dual Auger Powder Filling Line bringing our total daily output to 72,000 finished powder units.

Opened up our third and fourth location near our corporate facility for inventory distributions, a secondary R/D Lab and a filming studio laboratory for video and picture content for our customer’s websites, social media content and other marketing materials


Simpson Labs sales continue to grow as a result of innovation and capacity improvements. In order to service this demand, Simpson Labs invests heavily in inventory expansion and increased stocks. Holding over a million dollars of flavor inventory which allows Simpson Labs the ability to create any custom flavor without the standard eight week leads for procurement.

Simpson Labs adds additional personnel to its product development and regulatory team to improve innovation and product compliance for international requirements and exceeds the milestone of building a team of over 100 employees.

Installed our First 2-up Stick Pack Filling Machine gives our customers the ability to create cost affective single serving samples for end user products.


Passed our Sedex Members Ethical Trace Audit (SMETA) for Amazon approval

Received our 3 year renewal for our Good Manufacturing Practice Certification (GMP)

Received our Pet Food Production License

Coming Soon: Commence construction of Simpson Labs Expansion Phase IV

Received our QAI Certification for Certified Organic Operations

Coming soon: Health Canada Certification

Coming October: Our 2nd 6-up Stick Pack Filling Machine

The story of simpson labs

Our ownership is made up of life-long industry experts, who dreamed about creating the most advanced manufacturing company in the supplement industry and then built Simpson Labs from the ground up. We hired a highly skilled team to design our state-of-the-art facility, which is located in the heart of the supplement market, Los Angeles, California.

Experience The Simpson


Reliable and Professional, Simpson Labs aims to improve the engineering of supplements in a scalable & sizable way.

We at Simpson Labs understand the need for quality at a below-market price. We are GMP Certified, QAI Organic Certified and make products that are accredited by Informed Choice. Our products are shipped around the world through multiple regulatory and quality systems. We are able to offer below-market prices for a single reason: volume buying.

We purchase our materials in bulk and pass the savings on to you, our valued customers, so you can thrive in your given market. Unlike the competition, Simpson Labs does not compete with our clients by offering our own house brand. We dedicate 100% of our efforts to making the best products possible at the lowest price for each of our contract customers.

Creating Brands
World Class Products
Incredible Customer Experience
Full Service Manufacturer
Delicious Taste Profiles
Expert Product Development
One Stop Shop
Operational Capacity


2 015
March 2017
Construction of Simpson Labs LLC
November 2017
Registration Accepted by FDA
2 016
January 2018
Phase II Construction Completed
December 2018
2 Piece Encapsulator Installed
2 017
March 2019
GMP Certification Acquired
March 2019
2nd Powder Filler Line Installed
2 018
April 2019
Acquisition of Competitor R&D Lab
April 2019
Phase III Construction Completed
2 019
June 2019
100 Employee Landmark Reached
June 2019
First 2 Stick Pack Filling Machine Installed
2 020
July 2019
Received Pet Food License
August 2019
Organic Operations Certification Acquired
November 2019
Phase IV Construction Started


Simpson labs EMPOWERS THE genius BEHIND SOME OF THE WORLD’S BEST nutritional brands
Origins of simpson labs


Eric Simpson
Founder, Preseident & CEO
Donald Grace
Executive Vice President & Chief Sales Officer
Joe O'dea
Director of Research & Development
Phil Garant
Director of Maintenance
Helen Cutz
Financial Controller
Jesse Beltran
Director of Operations
Grant Wilson
Director of Purchasing
Ben Morgan
Director of Technology
Alfred De Leon
Quality Control Manager
Bobby Ilejay
Maintenance Technician Leader
Rudy Duque
Laboratory Manager
Jorge Arambula
Shipping & Receiving Manager
Reveca Garcia Rico
QC Lab Document Coordinator
Michael Montes
Shipping & Receiving Supervisor

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